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God's Children Adoption Agency, Inc. began in 2004 after the agency's founder, Amy Twedt, visited several orphanages in Mexico. During these visits, Amy felt the Lord calling her clearly to orphan ministry and helping children in these Mexican orphanages be adopted. Amy believed the best way to accomplish this was through opening an adoption agency. God's Children Adoption Agency, Inc. (GCAA) was first licensed in Minnesota in 2004. Originally, the agency was named Los Hijos de Dios (Children of God) and worked entirely with children from Mexico. The Lord blessed GCAA with 16 Mexican children being united with Christian families. At that time, the agency consisted of one person, Amy Twedt, who kept busy with all aspects of the ministry. As adoptions from Mexico became more difficult due to Mexican adoption regulations being changed adoptions from Mexico slowed down, but that did not mean the Lord intended to close the agency.

Slowly, GCAA. started doing home studies for families adopting from other countries and also began placing children from foster care and infants born here domestically. By 2006, the need for these services had grown and Lindsey Ness, LSW, was employed with GCAA. as a Family Case Manager and joined Amy in all aspects of the agency. A year later, in 2007 GCAA was licensed in the state of North Dakota.

With continued growth and the need for more help, in 2009 an office was opened in Minneapolis and Kristin Goodreau, Anita Ruthenbeck and Emily Carlberg were added as Family Case Managers. Excellent support staff were hired in all offices and GCAA was kept busy as the Lord continued to bless the agency.

In 2010, as we continued working with adoptions from many different areas, the Lord directed us to Haiti and we were blessed to be part of 38 adoptions from Haiti. Although GCAA isn't involved directly in Haitian adoptions anymore, we are still able to provide home studies for families desiring to adopt from Haiti. This experience working with Haitian adoptions made a great impact on all GCAA staff members, but most specifically on the agency founder, Amy Twedt.

In 2014, Amy Twedt answered the call to serve in Haiti teaching children at Christian Light School. Amy remains in her position as Executive Director while Lindsey Ness operates the adoption agency as Program Manager. In 2014, Aimee Schwartzwalter, CPA joined the GCAA family as Business Manager. Through the Lord's leading and with GCAA support, Kristin Goodreau and Anita Ruthenbeck opened a separate adoption agency in 2014.

From 2004 to 2014, God's Children Adoption Agency, Inc. has been a part of 315 children being adopted into Christian families!

Throughout our history, our mission has remained the same: to glorify God through the ministry of adoption. Although we are not a large agency, we consider each placement as a huge miracle, ordained and directed by God. We look forward to continued service as the Lord directs Christian families into the ministry of adoption and places the specific children He ordains into their families.

What We Do

  • God's Children Ministries exist to honor God by loving, nurturing and providing for vulnerable children through Christian ministry, education and outreach. In so doing, God's Children Ministries aim is to provide opportunities, tools and hope, so the children we serve will understand their value in Christ, learn to love their Lord and seek to honor Him.

What We Believe

  • God's Children Ministries aim is to provide opportunities, tools and hope, so the children we serve will understand their value in Christ, learn to love their Lord and seek to honor Him.